I've greatly enjoyed working side by side with Pat this season. Already in my third year of road racing I realized trial and error was not paying off. Even though my fitness was progressing it was becoming increasingly complex to balance intensity, volume, and recovery. After conversing with Pat I knew I could trust him to guide my training. His knowledge, experience, and attentiveness was self evident during my assessment. After 8 weeks of structured interval work, emphasis on recovery, and correct tapering methodology I can say not only do I feel fitter than I have ever been but my FTP is also at its highest. Pat has helped me take the guesswork out of training with a challenging but sustainable structure. His guidance has been pivotal to giving me not only great fitness but great confidence when it's time to pin on my number. -J. Martin Dean

When I first met Pat he asked me my goals for the year, and they seemed at the time far off. I wanted to podium and upgrade to a 3. Surprising to me those goals were realized early on and the season got better and better, now looking to get my cat2. Sunday morning rides were great when I would just try to hang on to your wheel and so too those always fun interval days. Thanks for everything Pat and for going above and beyond my expectations. -John Garbo

When I started working with Patrick earlier this year, I never expected such a high level of commitment from him in all the aspects of my training and racing. Patrick isn't like any other coach I've ever worked with in any other sport. Instead of just sending out a training plan, he takes the time to go out and train with you. His attention to detail on all of the small, intangible aspects truly adds up. In less than a year, Patrick has helped turn me from an inexperienced rider into a true bike racer. -Steven Fuller

I was getting dropped from several Pro 1 2 and Cat 2 races when I decided to start working with Pat. The intervals and workouts he assigned me gave me more strength on the bike then I thought I’d ever have. Pat eagerly passes on his knowledge of the sport and has helped teach me how to race my bike. A year later, I am finishing on the podium of those same races I couldn’t even finish before Pat’s coaching. -Nathan Seaford

I wanted to become the strongest and fastest rider possible. I chose Pat and Full Circle Cycling because of his experience and also his ability to connect with you on a personal level and push you further than you ever though possible. Pat worked with me one-on-one and developed an individual training program tailored specifically to my goals. I was never interested in racing and only wanted to be the best athlete I could be. Pat is different from other coaches because he personally rides with you multiple times per week and it is during this time that he makes small changes to the program based on your progress. Not only is Pat a good coach, but he is a great friend and always is there for advice cycling related or not. I would and have recommend his coaching to other cyclists looking to gain an edge over their competition. - Joshua Morten

Working with a coach like Pat Caro is AMAZING!!! I have known of and race against/with Pat Caro for years. Pat is a knowledgeable, resourceful, positive, caring, and compassionate coach. Pat saw something inside of me (as an athlete) that I didn't know was there. Pat’s Full Circle Cycling program can and will improve your physical and mental weaknesses on the bike. Pat takes the time to get to know you. I appreciate that Pat wants to know who I really am (a husband, a dad, an athlete, and teacher). He worked on making me believe in myself. Since working with Pat, my fitness has dramatically increased as well as my racing strategies. Pat continues to vary my workouts and program based on my results, my data, and my mental achievements. Pat’s Full Circle Cycling program WILL bring your racing and fitness to a whole new level. Thank you! -Max Hernandez

I started training and being coached by Patrick less than a year ago and I cannot say enough good things about my experience! The growth I’ve seen in my cycling since working with him has been beyond my expectations. His passion for this sport and positivity has helped me to understand several aspects of what it means to be a cyclist. From posture, pedaling, and bike handling skills to techniques, etiquette, and dealing with self-doubt, Patrick’s coaching has helped launch me into the women’s racing world with confidence. He is patient, empowering, and very encouraging during the incredibly challenging intervals he creates. His training program has been very individualized to my fitness level, cycling goals, and other life demands. I look forward to continuing to develop and racing with the gifted women’s FCC team. – Abby

When I started working with Patrick, I was just an ordinary bike rider. Now I feel that I've become an athlete. - Daryl Bowman

I had no idea that Patrick would spend so much one-on-one time riding with me and coaching me on all aspects of racing. -Larry Couture

I've become a more powerul and stronger rider than I thought possible - Scott Moore

I have grown in so many ways both physically and mentally. It's that personal relationship that really helps a rider achieve his or her goals. - David Tarrent